2017 Season Finale

Here is a letter from a Guest Speaker in 2017….

If you have something to offer to the industry and your message is

Healthy, Positive or Proactive,


Hi Dave,

I want to thank you for inviting me on your show. It was a great learning experience. I speak in front of people every day, at times an audience but speaking live in front of a camera was an entirely different beast. You and the audio crew were very supportive and helped me overcome this challenge I truly enjoyed.

The biggest take way, post BCWD Show, was one I didn’t expect prior to filming the show, but its one I’ll take with me forever. After the show I realized something. I started to ask myself, “what’s my why?” Every day I enroll my clients in Human Resource and Labor Compliance Services but besides it being my profession and helping pay my bills, what was I really a part of?

So after some brainstorming, it was obvious and it was no wonder why I happily volunteered to be on your show and why I partner with organizations. I genuinely enjoy educating entrepreneurs and getting them to understand the why, how and what in their business for right now and later. Dave, you helped me realize the best part of my job, the part of what I do every day as my “job”, but simply my duty to give back to hard working folks that deserve knowledge and success. I’m now aware and humbled that I’m a part of something bigger than myself and for that I thank you Dave, thank you for including me in you journey to help entrepreneurs!

Dave please count me as resource for anything you need!

Raul J Santiago
Small Business Consultant | PAYCHEX, Inc